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Origen 9000 Cantilever Sliding Gate

The Origen 9000 Series of cantilever sliding gates are made to order and can be supplied with a height of up to 2.4 metres with a drive-through of up to 10 metres wide; all with a ground clearance of 125mm.

Our Intention

Our intention with this product is to keep your building, staff and assets safe, and deter unauthorised visitors and would be on foot intruders, by providing a full width, height obstruction.


Applications include car park access control, warehouse protection, military sites, palace security, protection against ram raids, building security, government buildings, distribution centres and high security data protection buildings.


The 9000 cantilever sliding gate has a sophisticated, durable and secure appearance. Spikes line the top of the gate to warn off intruders, and the 30mm diameter, 6mm thick evenly-spaced individual bars further add to the sturdy appearance. The compact housing of the electronics, coupled with the drive motor and supports being expertly hidden beneath the lower beam further enhance the neat and professional appearance. The infil section can be supplied with alternative sections to match your current or intended fence structure and can be infilled with mesh if required.

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BS/EN 12453 COMPLIANT - The 9000 Model complies with safety features announced under the EU standards and regulations. Five profiled Safety Edges are provided; each consisting of 2 parallel electrically conducted rubber strips. These are connected to the main control panel by two cables, which are concealed within the lower beam, which transmit messages to and from the safety edges. In the unlikely event of a fault, messages will be transmitted to the necessary safety edges instructing the gate to be stopped, regardless of its current operation.


Origen 9000 Cantilever Sliding Gate - Operating and Maintenance Manual

Origen 9000 Cantilever Sliding Gate - Operating and Maintenance Manual

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Why Preventative Maintenance?

Programmed preventative maintenance can extend product life, reduce the likelihood of down-time and keep your premises and staff safe and secure. Find out more about Origen’s Service and Maintenance offerings.

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