In-Queue Merchandising (IQM) Solutions from Origen, Specialist in Security Barrier & Access Control Solutions Supply, Installation & Maintenance for Commercial & Industrial applications.

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In-Queue Merchandising (IQM) Solutions

Shoppers’ Needs and IQM

Today’s omni-channel customers value their time more than ever, and are increasingly intolerant of delays.

Delays (particularly when unexplained) significantly affects our overall perceptions of the quality of service provided. Confused or aggravated shoppers often abandon their journey, and are less likely to visit again.

“I don’t like waiting!” - Research shows that shoppers’ anxiety levels peak at checkout, and suggests that an average of 1.6% of customers walk away from a queue.”

Benefits of IQM for Shoppers - Reduces perceived waiting time

Queues are inevitable and it is important that retailers get the most out of the time they have the attention of customers.

Whilst people are in queues, by using IQM systems retailers can keep their minds occupied by showing them information or advertising, or enable them to continue shopping whilst they wait.

This will help to reduce any potential stress and the perceived wait time and increase impulse sales.

Benefits of IQM for Retailers - Turns Customer Flow into Cash Flow

Increased impulse sales

IQM systems generate purchases from up to 10% of customers. The ability to add signage also increases the capacity for a retailer to communicate with their customers.

A major national supermarket chain reported minimum incremental sales from IQM of over £31K pa*

* i.e. Payback in 1.5 months.

Reduced walk-aways

Properly designed queue systems are proven to reduce customer walk-aways by as much as 90%*. This positive customer experience leaves customers satisfied with their shopping experience and willing to return.

Customer satisfaction

Providing a fair and equitable queue can generate up to a 94% customer approval rating.

Origen’s IQM Systems


Merchandising capability across various products and categories.


The inherent flexibility in the system also allows Origen to create bespoke configurations of our equipment to suit almost any requirement.

Choose from standard configurations or a bespoke design.


  • We use standard Slat wall panels and beams with the slat profile integrated, so your existing shelving will be compatible.
  • Our profiles are compatible with each other and our retractable Origen Barriers and accessories.
  • The Origen system can inter-connect with other popular IQM systems on the market.

Simple Assembly

  • System assembles top down to allow easy in store flexibility and reconfiguration.
  • There are no small screws or fixings to worry about giving way.
  • Requires a single Allen bolt to be tightened at the top of each post to secure the assembly.
  • Allows the quick redeployment of beams and shelves to suit the impulse products on display to their optimum.
  • The minimum of training required to be able to fully assemble and reconfigure at will.


We offer a full range of merchandise accessories to enable retailers to create profitable and compelling profiles for impulse merchandising. See below.

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