Recycled Plastic Bollard made entirely from hard wearing plastic, and incorporating the plastic offcuts and other waste generated during manufacture from Origen, Specialist in Security Barrier & Access Control Solutions Supply, Installation & Maintenance for Commercial & Industrial applications.

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Recycled Plastic Bollard

Origen’s range of external bollards requires less maintenance than traditional stainless steel and painted products. They are also a more environmentally friendly alternative, utilising plastic waste generated from the production process, and having a replaceable external sleeve which extends the bollards effective lifespan.

This bollard is made entirely from hard wearing plastic, and incorporates the plastic offcuts and other waste generated during manufacture.

We offer both a standard version which is suited to more moderate traffic areas, and an anti-ram model which has a 90x3mm steel tube core potted to a depth of 800mm to increase its strength of resistance against high speed collisions or vulnerable hot spots. This high visibility bollard is great protection for outdoor areas in use by heavy vehicles. It can be placed at either side of a door or shutter to prevent dangerous and costly collisions with walls and door frames.

Standard and optional features:

  • Manufactured from solid 100% recycled plastic with 126mm diameter
  • 1000mm overall height, standard potted to 400mm below surface. For High Impact anti-ram raid bollard same dimensions and standard features apply, but 550mm below surface with bottom cross bracing set in concrete
  • Has 3 x 25 mm wide groove, white “Diamond Grade” reflective band
  • Standard colour black
  • Anti-Ram model is potted to a depth of 800mm to provide maximum impact protection

Positioning Guidelines:

  • We recommend a clearance of 1200mm maximum between bollard centres and minimum 1200mm between bollard and surface to be protected
  • Typically position as demarcation line between pedestrians and vehicles

More Information

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Recycled Plastic Bollard

Recycled Plastic Bollard

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